Monday, January 12, 2009

Of course we are currently in dire need of another airport in Labu...

..... & it is not for Melaka. No, sirree, JMD! This is for Seremban & surrounding area in NS only. After all Seremban is just like the cities of London & New York, where there exist Heathrow, Gatwick & London City for the former & J.F.K, Newark, LaGuardia for the latter.

This is not for Malaysia, this is to cater demand for Seremban & kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya only, you know? Don't play-play. Still Che Det, you want to ask, "How many airports do we need?" In 5 years time, Malaysian will commute for balik kampung etc not using buses & trains anymore. This is our vision. We want them to travel using only our, oopss, the readily available fleet of airbuses of competing carriers. Jangan terkejut, if the next one for these bustling cities of NS will be in Rembau, no?

Why-lah Che Det bising-bising? Bikin kacau daun only! Maybe the other non visible 100 million KLIA passengers yearly encompasses of orang bunians etc. That's why Che Det did not notice them, but only heard "voices" in his head. Bunianlah tu! Furthermore it will be privately funded & we can use those bunians to be stationed there instead of the usual government officials, hence no actual salary needed. The government can pay them using dry leaves what??! Last I heard that was the currency of them bunians. It's a win-win situation, cannot rugi one. So Che Det, please don't kacau daun-lah!

Next (presumably after the P36 By-E), they'll justify the need for the Labu airport, stating tourism boost, segregation of traffic, breaking unhealthy monopoly & healthy competition between the airports for the best price & services that will bring immense benefits to the carriers (which particular carrier, eh?). Masuk akal atau tidak ataupun good timing or not, that's another story-lah! It's not yet March, what?


Anonymous said...

Haha! Good one bro :)


Lawyer Kampung said...

JMD, saja buang geram bro ;-) thousand apologies for mentioning you... haha