Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you, Malay Mail!

NJ Ahmad of Malay Mail made a mention of this blog today at Page 20 (titled as "Making Sense In a Frenzied Sphere" - really? hahaha) of the same as part of a story about Blogosphere's Battle of Kuala Terengganu. Dato' Ariff Sabri of "Sakmongkol AK47" & Wenger J. Khairy of "Pade Doh!" fame were mentioned in the main article, alongside the usual suspects, the formidable bloggers from the Barisan Rakyat team. Go get your copy! I'm going to picture frame mine ..hahaha! NJ Ahmad, Thanks a heap!


Anonymous said...
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Go Gambut said...

I have come here from the link at Malay Mail website. It is here:

The layouts of the website and printed newspaper are different. But the content is the same. By the way, I had read a few posts here. I like that one about Lim Kit Siang... He always talk like that!! Everything is made to look so big!!!

Lawyer Kampung said...

Go Gambut, thank you for the link & the support! Looking forward to see more of you around here from now on :-)

Anonymous said...


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