Saturday, June 28, 2008

UMNO's Recovery Plan Committee...

....suggested a change in the leadership based on a focus group findings initiated by the said committee.

During the last Umno supreme council meeting, Datuk Idris Jusoh presented focus group findings involving lecturers and analysts. Among other things, they suggested a change in leadership of the party. Many in the council spoke up against the findings, saying that it was superficial. Idris is the head of Umno’s recovery plan committee.

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But the findings apparently have been shot down by those in the supreme council. It was superficial they said. Now this is the problem with UMNO. Those in the supreme council feel that they too are supreme. Subconsciously they want to be completely detached from the obvious reality. It could also be self-serving. The reasons could be enormous on why they wanted to do that. How their president could then makes the right decision?

Somehow or rather you just can't put the blame solely on Paklah. He has been deceived. Completely blinded from the obvious reality and the surrounding political atmosphere derived from current political climate.

How could you set up a recovery plan committee but not willing to submit to its findings and proposals? What is superficial, the findings or the council itself?

As such you can't be blaming Najib for making that signal through his latest statement pertaining to the contest for No. 1 post in UMNO. All the uncertainties and the "virtual blinders", put up by the president's men (& women in the Supreme Council) to obscure their president's clear perception and discernment from the harsh political reality in UMNO and the nation currently, would make anyone in Najib's position to make such a statement.

It's all about political survival. It's nothing personal, it's just business.

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