Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How Is Terengganu These Days III

I have read this in rocky's bru blogsite and one link in particular created for that post. Now let's see. Shall we dissect facts from fictions?

Now, you decide whether the following are not mere fabrication of the mind:-
1. The MB (the former and the current one) have no control over Wang Ehsan, Ministry Of Finance does. State not being informed on how it's being spent & how much is spent. MOF got some explanation to do.
2: The cost of Taman Tamadun Islam is RM250m (not RM 800m).
3: The annual cost of running Monsoon Cup is RM20m. (not RM300m) Yearly, Federal Govt spend RM 6m, state government RM 1m and the rests (RM 13M) are from sponsors.
4: Terengganu was 2nd poorest in 2004 (when BN take over the state government from PAS). By 2007, It was the 4th poorest.
5: State BN returned to power with more than 2/3 majority in the last 12th General Election. Terengganu folks must be very happy with them.
6: Lots of Educational programmes by the previous state government. Monies were channeled there too.

I am not trying to defend anyone right now, but it seems that some of us have been on this joyride of anti-BN popular views for far too long. Wake up!

Instead, if you would listen carefully, there is lots of anti-PR sentiment going on right now in those 5 states recently conquered by PR. Not everyone is happy. Progress has been very slow. Too much politicking is going on instead. Again, please, please... wake up!!


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! orang kedah tak rasa apa2 perubahan pun setakat la ni.. Pakatan Rakyat ka Pakatan sama depa saja???

Anonymous said...

baru 2 bulan lebih, dah nak rasa perubahan...

belajar la bersabar...ingat nak tadbir ni senang ke, seminit je, leh buat tu, sejam je dah boleh buat nih...yang bn tu, dah berpuluh tahun tadbir, tak bising pun...masih lagi tak terbela nasib...

Anonymous said...

Ini alasan yang sama diberi oleh Paklah masa start jadi PM saudara anonymous 7.45pm... baru warm-uplah, game baru startlah, jangan terperangkap. Manifesto PR hebat2 belaka, la ni lagu mana?