Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UMNO's Secret Weapon?

Came across the following just now;

Nallakaruppan denied that Abdullah was a weak leader, and on his way out.
“To me, he is a good leader. That’s why I have come to support him. He’s my Prime Minister and I have to trust him and I have to love him,” he added.
Nallakaruppan, who was formerly with PKR, said he did not believe Anwar’s claims that he had enough Barisan Nasional MPs who wanted to crossover to topple the Barisan Federal government.
“All the time he bluffs me, so I take this as one of his lies,” said the 61-year-old businessman.
“Morning, his face is different, afternoon his face is again different and night it is different too.
"I don’t believe him and I don’t trust him.”

Read more The Star Online latest Nalla meets Abdullah and pledges support .

Is this what they had in mind for the upcoming face-off with DSAI & Co. come this September, 16 (latest dateline given by DSAI for PR to form a government) ...Oh! Come on... not this, please! Not him.... You guys can do better than this!

Meanwhile, read here for the latest with regard to DSAI and his aim to topple the BN government latest before September (new dateline!), come what may. He has this to say;

"I do intend to topple the government, we have the numbers," Anwar told reporters in Singapore, claiming his coalition now called Pakatan Rakyat is ready for the job."I'm looking forward to early elections," Anwar added, hoping it would take place before September.

Is he playing poker with Paklah & Co.? You tell me.

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Jason said...

I don't think Anwar is bluffing this time.