Friday, May 30, 2008

Join Britain's Royal Marines Commando, anyone?

Malaysia protests British naval recruitment video of terrorist speaking Malay
The Associated Press
Published: May 30, 2008


The British government retracted a naval recruitment advertisement after Malaysia complained that the video clip portrayed an ethnic Malay man as a terrorist, officials said Friday.
The British Defense Ministry withdrew the advertisement from the Royal Marines Web site and British cinemas Wednesday, a British High Commission official in Kuala Lumpur said on condition of anonymity, citing protocol.
The 40-second clip showed a man on a beach firing a machine gun into the air and shouting in the Malay language: "I'm the most evil man in the world. Come fight with me. I will kill you all." He appeared to be ethnic Malay or Indonesian.
"As soon as we became aware that the video has caused some offense, we withdrew the video," the British official said.

Read more International Herald Tribune's report here

The video ends with "It's a state of mind. You may already have it!" ......Encore!!

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