Sunday, May 11, 2008


He said this, "Don't fear brave new journalism". That's Media Reform! We are now back on track. The mood is still there. Nice! The Star getting the scoop about the "Correct 3X" saga (from what I heard lah ....most of you guys already made up your mind on who was that on the other line, eh?) is nothing compared to what Rocky of Rocky's Bru blogged yesterday. Read this. That is an exclusive. Scoop of the day by my standard. Just look at the pic on that particular blog entry. The irony of it all.

Let's go back to the story at hand. I am truly "teruja"! Come on, this is SIL calling for press freedom... sounds too good to be true? Don't know whether to cry or to laugh? ....Who knows? The intention could be genuine.

"Everyone deserves a fresh start now and then", I once heard Bugsy Siegel said that in the movie "Bugsy".

Could it be just another window dressing exercise? ...there's a lot going on right now from that camp...mmmmm...We shall see. For now, let's give KJ the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he will walk the talk, who knows?

But then freedom coming from our YB amidst current "sedition" chaos? ....hey! Where’s that salt? I may need a pinch ...just to be safe!

(For the benefit of one particular commenter in LK's blog)
Scoop - "An exclusive news story acquired by luck or initiative before a competitor."
Title/Post edited for the benefit of that particular commenter. Please don't get me started on definitions.

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