Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Letter to my daughter

It is a privilege to receive a scholarship, not a right to receive one, says Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department.
"Not all high achievers will get the scholarships,'' he said, adding that the Government at the moment allocated only 2,000 students who excelled in their SPM, to be sent overseas.

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Dear Hasya,

It is indeed a privilege.

Back in 1991, I managed to get it right with my STPM results and obtained a full scholarship from the Kuok Foundation (of Robert Kuok's fame). No loan, no bond and no debt whatsoever after completion of my law studies in UM.

I can safely say that what I have received was based purely on merits. Not many, during that time, obtained 74 points (out of 80, that's how it was calculated during my time) for STPM. I got 4As & 1 D, A’s for my Economics, Pengajian Am, History and Bahasa Malaysia and sadly a D (expectedly as I came from Science Stream when I sat for my SPM and know nothing about Costs & Management Accounting/Financial Accountings) for my Accounting paper.

My point is this; there are other avenues for you to be one of those privileged students still. I know that you would say why should I be put in this position when I have already excelled in my exams. Why can't the government rewards me with what I am entitled to, you would also ask. I know. But know this too. I did not depend on the government or the fact that I am Malay to complete my studies during my time, nor should you now.

Do not worry too much about this, kakak. Do your part first. Kakak, must excel and excel again. Let abah and mama do the worrying part (the "RM" part).

Failure to obtain scholarships does not mean that you shall not be able to complete your studies. After all, there are also study loans from the government and the private sectors. But please, do remember to pay it back. Your mama just got loads of instruction to issue Notices of Demand to those failing to payback their study loans.

Take care. Wassalam.

Yours forever,


Anonymous said...

Tidak semua orang macam tuan loyar. Ada yang masih perlukan bantuan kerajaan. Sebab tu UMNO masih diperlukan. UMNO masih relevan dulu, kini dan selamanya.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Semua dari kita masih perlukan bantuan kerajaan. Itulah sebabnya kita setiap 4, 5 tahun melantik kerajaan. Cuma, kita perlu sedar pada hakikat yang kita tidak boleh mengharapkan "tongkat" selamanya. Terimakasih kerana komen ada.