Thursday, May 01, 2008


How I wish he could define it more.

People-centric projects will not be sacrificed: PM
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took the first question in the new Parliament by assuring the rakyat that the Government still had their interests at heart despite the rising cost of fuel and food prices.The Premier said it would not sacrifice “people-centred projects” that had been lined up under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, even if the Government should run short of the 9MP allocation.

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"People-centric". What is that? Can you be vaguer? Almost anything would fall under that category. Tell me what government projects that are planned and executed without having the people in mind?

What the PM says here would definitely be open for abuse. When I want it to proceed, I'll say "yes, that's a people-centric project" and when I don't want it to proceed (for lack of planning or [personal] interest), well I just say the otherwise. As and when I like it to be.

That's how vague the whole statement is.

Now tell me what are those projects that are not "people-centric"?

Dear PM, you have been elected to govern. And your party has elected you as the Prime Minister. Twice, mind you. Now, what does that mean? Simply put, you are now the policy maker cum executive. You plan and then you execute what you have planned.

People hired you to be prudent when making plans so that you can execute what have been planned. "Prudent" is the keyword here. What is happening now shows that previously those plans were not made prudently, when one after the other are bound for cancelation and postponement. Now, when you planned you must have contingency plan. "Contingency" is the keyword here. Or maybe that's the contingency plan, "No go for that project, it's not people centric enough". Clever!

Why the entire impasse now? What's with the sudden qualifications and provisos? I am trying my level best to be fair and let you make amends. But this? Come on, you can do better than this.

Don't keep blowing hot and cold. You are not hired for that.

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