Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Is It Really TDM?" He Asked.

Is this guy for real? The commentor I mean. I was shocked to read one of the comments in TDM's blog concerning his 2nd posting. The comment came from a blogger (profile not accessible, of course) requesting TDM to show proof whether that the blog is really his. The following is an extract of that comment

hanapi said...
is this really your blog?? if that so, prove it... there are so many people trying to disguise like someone famous such as u... i don't mean to be rude but, as someone who respect dr. mahathir very much, yee who try to fool anyone with some crap , i cannot tolerate... provement is a must, that only he can do it...
May 2, 2008 6:40 PM

Come on hanapi... Look at the following statement, if that ain't the man himself, I don't know what is anymore. The following is an excerpt of Dr. M's 2nd posting:

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia:

"As for my criticisms of the leaders of the present Government, I believe I have every right to do so. Retiring from the Government simply means giving up authority and power. It does not mean I must abdicate my role as a citizen. I have every right to be concerned over the flip-flopping mismanagement of this country and that of the party I helped to revive in 1987. The party does not belong to Dato Seri Abdullah alone. Nor is it meant to support him as leader even when he mishandled the elections and the country. The party does not belong to me either. It belongs to all its members. Presently the members are not permitted to be critical. They can merely say yes to what Dato Seri Abdullah says or does."

By the way Bar Council website is currently conducting an interesting poll, and as it is today, it sure is an interesting result bearing in mind the poll is being conducted at Bar Council website. See screenshot below;


Anonymous said...

ha i read that comment and saw red! i thought that the commentator was bloody rude. i wanted to post that same thought but refrained out of respect for Tun, for my question to that would be "why the hell should he prove anything to you?? Who are you to make such demands?". if one visits someone's blog, would one demands proof of identity from the owner of the blog? this commentator should try out going to someone's home and demand to see the sales and purchase agreement for proof of ownership, and then see what happens! really kurang ajar.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the person is kurang ajar. Blogosphere is not like a physical home. There are indeed a lot of people posing as another person. However that said, if it is not Tun DrM who started the blog, he would himself come out in the press to say so.

Anyway, its good to find your blog - from a link from

Keep it up brother!

Anonymous said...

I don't find any "kurang ajar" in hanapi's statement. What he expressed was his curiousity on the identity. When it comes to blogsphere, everything is possible.

Eventually, what he raised is true. Does it really Tun Mahathir? I don't know. Tun can write the content but it was someone else who operate the blog.

Nonetheless, the writing style does belong to Tun. He did a good job except that it was a bit late.

Anonymous said...

Your excerpt from the 2nd posting from the so-called blog by Dr. Mahathir in no way disproves the doubt raised by the commenter Hanapi about whether the blog is legitimate or not.