Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mukhriz not quitting after all.

"I will not be quitting the party, I will not be resigning from my posts in Umno. I'm still a loyal servant of the party and I still assume the right to be the voice of constructive criticism in the party," announced Mukhriz.... Read more here.

The man will stay on after all. Full transcript of his speech here.

What about his call for the PM to resign? Will he be reprimanded yet again for such a bold statement? The ideal scenario would be for the party to let him be. No reprimand, no warning. Wishful thinking? Call it that if you may but UMNO needs the people to change their perception towards the party. It has becg9 A party that emphasis on humanistic values and concerns. It needs to become the people's party where the wishes of its grassroots prioritize over anything else. No need for it to re-invent itself. What it needs is just to return to basics. Be the people's party once more. What transpired currently, and how things will develop in the near future, will show the people what it is really made of. The people are watching. The world is watching.

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Anonymous said...

Agree, UMNO needs to go back to basics. They need to get back to the spirit of '46. Ku Li for president!