Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another dose of Anwar, anyone?

1431: ”There is no reason for me to be arrested under the ISA,” says Anwar. “We have a major economic crisis… it is therefore imporant for them to think of the nation and not for themselves. This is now a minority government. The majority of MPs are now with us.”

Above excerpt from Anil Netto's blog. He's blogging live on the current Press Conference by Anwar, live video available there.

Basically, he's upping the ante. Asking for a special parliament session coming Tuesday. Read more Anil Netto's Pakatan seeks special session of Parliament on Tuesday

Updated (3pm)

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim claims he sent a letter to the Prime Minister on Thursday requesting him to call an emergency Parliament session no later that Sept 23 to deliberate on a vote of no-confidence against Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s leadership.

The Opposition leader said this at a press conference at the PKR headquarters here Thursday afternoon.

Further reading, Pakatan seeks special session of Parliament on Tuesday (The Star Online-Latest)

With this, Anwar is playing it smart. He is not talking about jumping frogs anymore instead he's hitting hard on the issue of "no-confidence vote" via * special/emergency motion to be tabled in parliament. Theoretically no one has to jump ship to vote for the motion. It's a shame our PM has been treating the act of SAPP puling out of the BN coalition in such a condescending manner and dismissing them as nuisance only along the way. He should have played his (limited) cards well and amplified on the fact that despite going out, the party has remained as independent and did not immediately joined the Pakatan Coalition. There are obvious points to score on that fact alone.

Updated (4.25pm)

By the way, blogger JMD reminded me that someone has to attend court on the 24th. Another red herring perhaps? Letih-lah like this, especially so during times like this.

*What is a Motion of Censure?
Read here (US) and from westminster system's nation, go here and here. From Wikipedia, an overview of Motion of No Confidence.

Updated 6.35pm

PM: No need for emergency session of Parliament

The End!

(Who should decide on that actually? The PM or.... Nevermind-lah!) ;-) Selamat berbuka puasa to those fasting and to others, enjoy your dinner, ya!


Anonymous said...


He is calling for an emergency parliament session on Tuesday because he has his sodomy trial on wednesday.

His actions is predictable. Another diversion from him. He even gave a weak justification on the contents of the letter he sent to Pak Lah the other day.


Lawyer Kampung said...

JMD, forgot about that altogether. You are fast bro! ;-)

Another red herring thrown...

nana nontot said...

During football match we can hear similar saying "pemain lincah tapi tak bahaya!" meaning the player can dribble balls but can't score goal...
I told you...Anwar is not stupid! Kah...kah kah kah

Lawyer Kampung said...

nana non(tot), hahaha.. never doubted that, after all this is your "Nana Non" we are talking about.. ;-) ..Like many of us, I used to be a fan...haha

A.John said...

Crystal Ball ... Date Sept 24. PM in waiting " charged in H.Court after session courts allows the case to be transferred. Justice ... refuses bail...

End of Act 1 scene 1....

Lawyer Kampung said...

a.john, no more free wayang lah like that.. hahaha Thanks for dropping by, sir :-)

Anonymous said...

Semua dah hilang akal diaorang ni! Rawna, dolah, najib serupa je.