Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clairvoyant at work

What will happen tomorrow at that special Umno meeting? Part of me is trying hard to picture what most people wanted to see that is Paklah finally comes to his senses and decided to hand over the reign to the chosen successor there and then. Sadly, that I cannot do. The sceptic in me is blocking my clairvoyant sight from seeing just that. It's kind of blurry.

I sense "UMNO's unity" will be the mantra tomorrow. They will be singing this over and over again during the meeting. Some of them will bellowed out arguments that for the sake of unity, it is better that we are to avoid any kind of contests at this juncture. They will argue what is the purpose of having December polls if the same would only split the party. Some others will advocate since there is already a transition plan at hand, the contest for the No.1 and 2 are therefore redundant. Some will go on further and implore that the December party's poll should not be held at all for the sake of, yes, UMNO's unity. They will harp on the agenda of strengthening the party instead of destroying it, their way of course, to wit; by way of not having any contests come December. It must be postpone, they will say.

What will happen tomorrow is that all of them (MKT) will come out from the meeting, united and hand in hand proclaiming their "steadfast believe" in all the above. They say that they have reached a unanimous decision. And for the sake of rebuilding and strengthening the party, the December UMNO's poll will be postponed. UMNO's unity comes first, party's poll second. "In Paklah we believe", they will chant. Over and over again.


A.John said...

Some kind of inbreeding ? You scratch my back and i will scratch yours.Now a days they call it ' win - win ' situation. Let the members decide who should lead them ! What is so great about one that he should appoint his successor. However, all this habits started with TDM, and all know the benefits accruing!

Anonymous said...

actually when all the MT members come out after the meeting, each one of them are left smiling after being sodomised by KJ and Kamal during the meeting (via Pak Lah)

ANd they willing to be sodomised again and again. because, lets face it, they are KJ and Kamal's whores.


Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

I believe otherwise will happen.

But if the outcome will be as what you predicted to happen, I reckon you switch you career to being a full time clairvoyant.

Nowadays, everybody is talking about the number, but it never appeared. Being a clairvoyant, you can help Anwar solve the puzzle to spot the right number, just kidding.

I like to wish you Selamat Hari Haya and Mintak Maaf Banyak jika terkasar bahasa.

Esok balik Kelantan lepas Jumaat. Gotta stay silent for a while coz my kampung doesn't make internet connection available, just like Petronas commercial.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Kelate mmano? ;-)Kalu KB byk doh hotspot lo nih! :-) We are going to miss u bro. Thanks, salam aidilfitri to u to, saya pun serupa pohon maaf jika ada terkasar kata. Safe journey! salam

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tg Razaleigh for President!