Friday, September 05, 2008

Spam SMSes for your local YB!

Just woke up for sahur. There's an sms from an unfamiliar number in my mobile. It reads (reproduce herewith in verbatim except for the "To:" mobile number)

To: 019#######
Sent:Friday, 5 September 2008 2:13 AM
SMS YB kaw anda: YB, sy adlh penyokng Tuan. Namun saya sudah muak dgn kerjn BN. Minyak & brg naik. Sy gesa tuan menyrtai Pktn Rkyt demi masa depan rkyt. Sebar!

Is the sender beseeching me to forward that spam SMS to my "YB kaw anda"? We got a problem there dude! I don't have my YB's mobile number! Furthermore I think he is already a member of the Pakatan! And what if he is not, would he listen to me? Hasn't the Ketua Umum already taken care of all this "jumping froggy" business? He sounded optimistic the other day.

And do you seriously think that by flooding the YB's mobile inbox, he would be mutating himself into a frog today?

By the look of it, the fact that Pakatan Rakyat is even resorting to "spam SMSes" tactic, speaks volume of their much anticipated and overly-hyped "16 September 2008 Berarak ke Putrajaya" event.

Wonder who is the desperado really?


Anonymous said...

Meh kita nyanyi lagu eagles desperado ramei-ramei...

anakmalaysia said...

So desperate?

Awang Bongsu said...

Ni bukan desperate dah ni, ni dah masuk bab kemarok!

Lawyer Kampung said...

anon- memang sedap lagu tu!

anakmalaysia- It's too obvious to be ignored. The elements of desperation are there, the tell-tale signs. Thanks for the comment bro, keep it coming!

awang bongsu - ditto!