Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No more deadlines!

It's official, there will be no more deadlines! It's about time as I myself was beginning to wonder has the man completely lose all his marbles when he (and the gang) ignominiously keep coming up with one deadline after another since 16th September 2008. The latest being on this coming hari raya, can you beat that?!

The "deadline" tactics may have been dropped but not "we got the numbers" game-play. I can understand that he may thinks that it's better to keep the engine running or the fire burning with all the stories of he and the gang coming to power soon, for the sake of morals among his supporters and friends. But the same can also be a double-edge sword just like what is happening now, with the flip-flops and all. Even the anwaristas are complaining!

Now, the question remains whether Anwar Ibrahim would resigned to the fact that it would be better for him (and the Pakatan Rakyat) if he is to concentrate on his role as the Opposition Leader for the next four to five years instead of persistently coming up with frivolous political fantasies and unnecessary political gambits for the rest of the 12th Malaysian parliamentary term?

The people are watching and they are not exactly in awe, Datuk Seri!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you lah.I think we have the longest election in history. Not much work done for the rakyat but continue to do politics and shaking up the country to chaos. He has long history since Baling days of drawing people out to the streets until today.

UMgrads said...

Anwar is losing it. Too much time spend around people with opposition mindset since 1998. He won't make a good Prime Minister if at all. You can't be a good PM if you have people like Lo Gwo Burne as your MP and Tian Chua as your Information Chief. No quality.

Anonymous said...

Aku heran betul dengan perangai penyokong2 anwar ni, sampai macam ni pun diaorang boleh percaya lagi dekat mamat auta sorang ni.

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Anwar keeps failing to deliver, he's got to come out with another BIG offer to repair his tainted image and to bury his "auta" character.

I suggest PKR should offer duit raya to reduce the petrol cost for balik raya kat kampung. This will be a real deal. If that happens, I'll scream loudly HIDUP DEFORMASI.


Anonymous said...

and after contradicting his No. 1 Fan -- Tian (??) with regards to the talks with Pak Lah's middleman (KJ?), i can almost hear Tian's heart shattering into a million pieces...or should it be 916,000 pieces... :D
time to raya man.
what a busy ramadhan.
get with the local groove man, datuk seri anwar.
ramadhan is for everyone in msia to take it easy!

A.John said...

Antics of a desperate man. With the sodomy case hanging in the air, he has to divert attention with the numbers game. If the court throws out his case, then I suppose he will revert to be an opposition leader and build up his party for next G.E. If at all PKR takes over the fed govt. now; can you just imagine the jockeying for positions which might take the all the years right up to the next GE. They are still considered probationers with the 5 states. Lets see how successful they are with these states; or PKR might just be a flash in the pan!

Lawyer Kampung said...

Piggy Singh, Jey Yoong & A.John, thanks for the comments. Keep it coming guys & gal ;-)