Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Brotherhood of KJ

REMBAU: Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin on Wednesday officially announced his candidacy for the top post in the movement, adding that “friendship and unity” would be his platform to win delegates’ support.

Read Khairy announces candidacy for Umno Youth chief post

Young man in a hurry indeed. Read A Voice and BigDog's recent take respectively on probability of KJ announcing his candidacy and the impact it may have to the political landscapes of UMNO and the nation, here and here.

Updated (7.21 am-Sept, 18th):

If you think that in the last 48hrs when we were served cold, with 2 dishes (versions) of "transition of power" were to the extent of ad nauseam, then you should think twice before swallowing this, another dish of (the real) transition of power, despite it has "esprit de corp" as the main spice.

This is the actual transition-of-power-is-a-process, borrowing the words of the father-in-law. The process will be faster than the length of time that Anwar had taken when he "almost" done it the last time around (after he was elected as UMNO Youth Head). If many perceived Anwar rise to power back then as "meteoric", they will have to redefine the phrase to "light speed" for this young man, if left unchecked. With that in mind, if you think UMNO will survive for another 60 years, you better think again. People say, speed kills.

Read what JMD and A Voice thinks about this latest development here and here.


tiamia said...

Indeed a young man in ahurry, Hungry for power can be lethal most of the time.


Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Dari dok layan cerita menantu yang jadi dek famous dek kerana sijil nikah, baik tengok replay Liverpool lawan Marseille pakai astro max, another sweet and delicious victory untuk bukak posa malam tadi.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Tiamia, thanks for visiting and the comments. :-)

Tuan Piggy Singh, I missed that one. Damn! Go Kops! ;-)

Caustic Dude said...

Tuan Loyar,

Wise words, with substance. Michael Crichton wrote in "The Firm" - Power can be a murder to resist.

Such a great allure the thing we call power.

Go Kop. I'm enjoying the sweet ride. I hope you do too.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Kind words from you, Tuan Caustic D! :-)

rem said...

bila nak habis drama minggu ini? penat hamba dah tulis.
dah 'nam bulan lebih nih!

Lawyer Kampung said...

Hahaha.. itulah dianya! Tapi Bro Reme, you can't stop. Kitaorang dah ketagih dengan tulisan tuan. :-)