Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That Deadly Tai-Chi (4): Earlier Transition?

The PM said;

The timing is flexible. It is possible, if I may want to leave earlier but not beyond 2010,” the prime minister told a news conference at his office here.

Now, now Najib don't get excited just yet. Look at all provisos that came with the job descriptions. Paklah never stop to amaze me. He's really a wily old sly. Really.

That's why in the end, it's him who becomes the 5th PM, not like some (supposedly with more finesse) who can only dream and continue to dream.

Abdullah said the transition plan however, would depend, among others, on Najib’s performance.

Nice, just look at the current global economy. Perfect timing! O! Najib, thou shall show us the way!

Mindef? Smart move! Nice.

On the transition time frame.

When asked further on the timeframe, Abdullah said, “It is not for you to ask and for me to say.”

Abdullah said the matter would be decided accordingly as the succession process takes place.

Errm, who decides then? The members of UMNO, I don't think so. Who else, eh?

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Expectedly, the master of U-Turn is at it again

Najib also said that he would not accept any nomination for the president’s post as he was commited to the succession plan.

Ooppss... whither dream team? Then again, Murphy's Laws, remember?

Najib added further;

He said the finance portfolio was important, especially in light of the current economic instabilities.

Najib, he said, could spend some time acclimatising himself to the duties of being a prime minister.

Yeah, rite!! Read more Pak Lah, Najib swap portfolios, transition intact

Sources: NST & Malaysian Insider-For obvious reason and purpose ;-)


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