Friday, June 20, 2008

And so they endorsed it...

...despite pressure from all their Barisan Nasional counterparts. SAPP supreme council today ends all speculations and endorsed the motion (read SAPP council endorses no-confidence vote), upping the ante on their so-called "motion of no-confidence-in-waiting" against the PM.

But as many have said, paklah will not be taking all this lying down. Newton's 3rd law of motion has catch on Putrajaya, finally. It has been a while and as aptly put by The Malaysian Insider, "after many years of inertia.." (Newton's 1st law of motion, if am not mistaken), paklah is now ready to use his vast power. Read Finally, Abdullah fights back.

What more interesting on the above article by The Malaysian Insider is the following;

The ACA is not the only weapon in Abdullah's arsenal. Sources told The Malaysian Insider that authorities are looking at the income tax files of his trenchant critics and activities of others undermining him. Yong is only the start in a long and unpredictable battle for political survival.

Now, we all know what's coming already for Yong and the gang, but what about others, be it those in UMNO who's eyeing for his presidential seat and the guy from Pakatan Rakyat who's aiming for his premiership? Will they also face the wrath of paklah? ACA and now Income Tax! What will they think of next? That's it, if I were you, I would know declares my undying love and support to the Prime Minister. Be afraid, be very, very afraid. Everyone of them, you and I included, should now take cue from Samy Vellu and behaves like one, enough say! Go read I'm just a dust, says Samy Vellu and/or Samy kata ’saya kini hanya debu’

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Anonymous said...

I wonder whether it is true about the tale that all minister's have a pre-signed resignation letter????