Saturday, June 07, 2008

Someone deserving for the award of "Tun"

First time I appeared before him for a hearing in Penang High Court was way back in 1997. At the time, he was already a "Datuk". He presided in High Court 1, meaning that he was at the time the most senior Judge here in Penang. He's been there; correct me if I am wrong, since 1992. He was appointed as Judicial Commissioner of the High Court in 1990. He's been in Penang for quite sometime till the day he was elevated to the Court of Appeal (in the year 2000) and the Federal Court in 2003. Read here for his biodata.

The fact that it took quite sometimes for him to be elevated from the High Court to the Court of Appeal despite being the senior High Court Judge in Penang speaks volume. Obviously he did not have anyone to lobby for his elevation to the higher courts, no? Correct, correct, correct! Work wise, he has been delivering judgment after judgment, written and oral without problems since the day he was elevated to become a High Court Judge in Penang. A very good judge since then but a "Datuk" still.

Despite all that and his elevation to the higher courts (The Court of Appeal and The Federal Court), he was however a "Datuk" still, until very recently (after his appointment as Chief Justice) when he was bestowed with "Datuk Seri". It is pretty obvious that he is a man who works but do not seek for "titles" at the beginning of his name. That is someone, for me at least; truly worthy to be conferred with the title of "Tun". Ask any lawyers, Penang lawyers especially, you'll find out that they will talk of highly of him. He deserves it.

Congrats Yang Amat Arif Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad CJ!

Read here, it seems someone will not get the title "Tan Sri" after all. Did someone high-up read this, this and this? No worries, there is always a next time. What friends (up there) are for, eh? Wink!

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