Monday, June 30, 2008

All is well?

Finally at 6.45pm today, DSAI left the turks and came back safely to Malaysia to continue fighting his course. A writ summon has also been filed against the coffee boy by DSAI's lawyers.

To continue on staying there with the turks does not help. It's becoming more like a charade. It's becoming more like a sympathy drive. Maybe for the PKR followers it's alright to do so (taking considerations of the reasons being given-read Malam Yang Panjang from Din Merican's blog) but for us non-partisan Malaysian it doesn't. A Prime Minister-in-waiting should not have run away like that. You don't hide when you are innocent. After all it's just a police report, and as being said from your side, it could have been mala-fide and done with malice. Just do a counter-report on the same.

It is not a good precedent to set for this peaceful nation. You don't want Paklah or Najib to do as such when they become the head of the opposition when Pakatan Rakyat comes into power, do you? Come on, we are not Zimbabwe, Myanmar or Pakistan. We are peace loving Malaysian. It's an insult to equate us with those nations, with all due respect. Read also here, here and here.

All is well now Dato' Seri? I certainly hope so. For our sake, the people of Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

My point of view, I think Anwar wanted to get the world support again. That is why I think he went to the Turks embassy.

Well, it has been reported in CNN, BBC and Reuters. So, the world knows now.....