Monday, June 02, 2008

Why brought up old issues?

I watched DSAI's Bloomberg interview above, many thanks to "Tumpang Sekole...." blog for highlighting the same.

"He left 2 years ago, therefore why make it an issue now?". "You must remember, he left the party 2 years ago!" That's what DSAI said over and over again in the above Bloomberg's interview recently with regard to questions on Ezam's leaving the party and opted to joined UMNO instead. But still he failed to elaborate (or at least fire some salvo) the fact that Ezam has joined UMNO. Why UMNO, DSAI? Why not PAS? Why not Keadilan "again" (he still can re-join, can't he?). Why not DAP? Do you mean that what party Ezam has chosen is not important anymore? Are you also saying that Ezam as a politician is no more credible, does not carry weight anymore, DSAI?

Correct, ....correct, correct.... it is an old issues (a 2 years old issue DSAI said) that has been played up by them. But, seriously...... Oh, come on Dato' Seri.... What about Pakatan Rakyat? Pakatan has been digging up old issues as far as those from 1988 to attack BN. 2 years and 20 years, what's the difference?

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