Monday, June 23, 2008

Talk Only...

...when it come to Malaysian politics, you almost can smell what comes next. For instance, what happened in parliament today.

What vote of no confidence?

Read Tiada usul undi tak percaya terhadap PM hari ini

Datuk Wan Junaidi confirms no motion filed on no-confidence vote against PM before lunch. "There's no procedure to file such motion in Parliament. There has never been such a procedure...not even in any Commonwealth country...It is unlikely to see the light of day," he says. "Any motion needs support from at least 27 MPs and 14 days' processing after joining the queue behind government Bills." (visit The Malaysian Insider)

Anyway, 3 cheers for paklah & co! The chorus line triumphed once again. Also, price hikes , together with the (stop-gap) measures to overcome, now officially validated by your legislators. Malaysian, rejoice!

Barisan Nasional motion on price hikes was passed 129-78. Bloc vote called for only for the second time ever. (The Malaysian Insider)

SAPP, Pakatan Rakyat (aside from "naik basikal" lah), talk only?


Anonymous said...

undi tarak sokong tarak, undi sokong ada!

Anti Talk C#ck said...

SAPP & anwar, they talk c#ck only!