Saturday, June 14, 2008

In Conjunction of Father's Day

Our PM is saying this today, apart from appointing the MB as Terengganu UMNO Chief and vowing to hand over the management of Petronas Oil Royalty to the state;

"I will not let Umno be divided. In the north (of Peninsular Malaysia), Umno was founded by my father and grandfather," he said at a dinner in conjunction with his one-day visit to Kelantan.
Read more I will not harm Umno, says Pak Lah

That’s a promise made by one son to his father and his father's father. Just like what the TPM said recently with regard to his father and the legacy he left behind. To what extent the promises made by these 2 top leaders of the nation and UMNO are yet to be seen.

One thing for sure they have directly contributed to the state the nation and UMNO currently in. In pretty bad shape I would personally say. I guess it's true what people said all this time that "whatever the fathers help built, mostly the sons will help ruined".

I hope that these 2 sons have realized the damage they have done to the works and efforts their fathers have put in for their beloved country and party. Hopefully the two of them will get their acts together to at least minimize and remedy the damages incurred. Wishful thinking, you think? Time will tell.

Lastly, permits me to wish "Happy Father's Day" to my dad, to myself and to all the dads out there!


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am being over critical but let's be honest, there are a few qustions that need to be answered.

Firstly, this is where the "cara fikir" orang UMNO have to change. Don't you think that the members should decide. Why should the PM decide? It is not Pak Lah's party. It is Melayu punya party.

Secondly, I mean has Pak Lah ever bothered to ask the members who they want to take over? Could it better be given to Mayuddin or Ku Li maybe?

Please, please don't make it like foreign car buying oil in Malaysia. First ban, then ok to buy again after a few days. Think carefully. The new Malays have maybe just woken up and smelt the coffee and something about UMNO needs to be done.

Happy Father's Day who good men out there ......

Anonymous said...

Siapa lah aku ni kan tapi aku rasa Najib pun sama boat dengan Pak Lah, different deck aje. Maybe it is really time for a change. The same old people who I don't think have much more too offer.

Bukan dia orang discuss together kan. Kalau sekarang pun tak boleh handle, I think both should go. Cukup lah kata orang melayu kan. Bagi lah ex-MB Johor jadi PM. Bagi fresh faces, new ideas, new prospects, semua baru lah.

People, we might be heading for a world crisis, and sorry, I don't think Najib can do it either. I can't remember what happened in 1984 but in 1998, with Tun M leading us, I was never worried. But now, I am even thinking of stocking food for at least 3 weeks. Things can just change from one policy to another.

With the government people able to work, well, let's say we might have just legalised corruption. Imagine, how does one decide do I work for the government, the country or do I work for myself?

Let's think about things before saying it. I mean really think about it.

I'm sorry I have to say this but please tell your think tanks, your briliant heads on whatever floor to give ideas acceptable to all.

Please don't think orang Melayu ni bodoh, it is insulting sometimes when I read it. Maybe, the malays are thinking out of the box that we have been trapped in for so long.

I leave you guys with this chinese proverb, in every adversity there lies an opportunity. Maybe the change in UMNO and the top leadership should be changed to a new and different way.

So maybe Pak Lah can be know as "Bapa Reform" and change the old ways to the ways of the new and the acceptable one for all.

Anonymous said...

Orang cakap sekarang Pak Lah tengah gaduh dengan Tun M. Apa macam kalau Pak Lah betul betul sayang UMNO, dia patut hentikan semua ni, Tun M cakap pasal SCOMI, UMNO etc and Pak Lah pulak cakap pasal Tun M. Saya rasa apa macam kalau Pak Lah turun sekarang. Dah habis, Tun M pun boleh retire betui betui..... Semua happy....

Kan selamat UMNO dan juga orang Melayu. Malu kadang kadang. Macam budak kecik. Lagi orang ingat Melayu ni kaki "raxxah", kaki subsidi, mau cepat kaya, kerja tak mau ...,

Lawyer Kampung said...

Saya kira kepimpinan UMNO sedar berkaitan permasalahan parti dan bangsa yang mereka kata mereka wakili tetapi tidak mahu menerima keseluruhan pandangan dan pemikiran secara total daripada semua pihak dan dari setiap sudut, terutamanya daripada mereka yang sebenarnya yang bergelar "ahli akar umbi".

Ubat sememangnya pahit, tetapi ia perlu ditelan.