Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ever wonder why not many "video calling" you?

Let's take a break from Malaysian politics. It's getting tedious by the minute. Let's talk about gadgets and technology, shall we? I have a confession to make. I am a gadget freak actually. Between gadgets and Malaysian politics, I'd choose the former anytime. Let's talk about 3G video calling services today for a change.

It's probably just me but I do wonder why not many are using video calling services albeit more and more are changing their mobiles to the latest 3G (HSDPA/HSUPA enabled) mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs. To compliment that, the carriers have also expanded the coverage areas. I should be getting a lot of video calls then. But no! Why? The first thing that comes to mind is the carrier charges. Then again, the abundance of offers and promotions are being carried out by the carriers to make these video calls as cheap as it can be. Not that cheap actually! But we can still say it is affordable. Let say it is not the charges, what could then be the reason? Could it be the voice quality? Most phones will automatically route the caller's voice to speaker phone making speaking and listening an arduous tasks especially when you are in crowds and noisy places. What about the article below from Engadget Mobile. Could this then be the reason why?

Engadget Mobile

Why has video calling failed to capture the hearts and minds of the many 3G-enabled countries that have deployed the service? At Nokia's S60 Summit in Barcelona last week, it seems that the company's VP of Category Management (whatever the heck that means) for the Nseries line took a rather blunt approach to the question, claiming that it's because the angle at which the front-facing cams are held gives callers a view of your face that "isn't very flattering."

He mentioned that most webcams are typically placed just above the user's line of sight, which gives a more pleasing view of the face; obviously, that's not something you can practically do with your phone most of the time. A little controversial?

Perhaps -- and it appears that other factions in the company don't share his view, with its Director of Product and Technology Marketing quick to note that video call tech hit the market before consumers were ready, and a lack of carrier support (read: reasonable pricing) has hindered uptake.

Now that we think about it, though, do we really want to see up your nose while we're talking?
(Source & Pic: Engadget Mobile)

Now the above reminds me of what Aziz Sattar said to Ahmad Nisfu (if I am not mistaken) in one of the "P. Ramlee's Bujang Lapok" series, ".. tetapi lobang hidungmu tetap menjadi pujaan hati ku!" Alamak! Now that reminds me of Tun Dr. M-lah pulak..... back to Malaysian politics-lah nampak gayanya ni sat lagi.... OK-lah, to those craving for more politics, check out the latest from BigDog's blog Tun Dr. Mahathir out to check PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah and Anwar and The Malaysian Insider's Najib rebuffs Muhyiddin’s overtures . Come back here and tell me what do you think about those stories.

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