Monday, June 02, 2008

Of Panels & Commissions

"Malaysian Landscape Advisory Panel"? Please excuse my ignorance. I do not know we have this. What does it do actually? How the chairman was elected, who are those on its panel? Nowadays, we have so many panels but not much to see from it.

Jeanne, who is Malaysian Landscape Advisory Panel chairman, said it was only appropriate that the festival be held at the centre. Read more here Jeanne: Showcase Sabah’s priceless rainforest

By the way, the Human Resources Ministry also is setting up a panel, a permanent Commission of Inquiry to determine which sectors should have a fixed minimum wage, and to review these wages on an on-going basis. Read more here.

Of all this panels and commissions, it is obvious that some are necessary but some makes me wonder what the purpose of it all is

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