Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The timing of it all...

Che Det short reply in his blog should at least for now put things in perspective.

Read Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Snippets: "Dr M threatened judges

Both the New Straits Times and the Star today chose to splash Justice Dato Ian Chin’s “stunning” claims of my alleged interference in the judiciary, providing brief respite from the current issues of oil price hike etc etc

I will refrain from commenting for now and will do so in due time.

However, I am quite curious about what Ian Chin considers as “veiled threat”. Perhaps he could be more specific as his allegations are very serious."

Again, the timing of the disclosure speaks volume. Why now, why not 11 years, 5 years back? Why must it be right after the earlier revelation made by Che Det with regard to Tun Salleh Abas 1st letter to the then Agong? Why at this time when the government is in the spotlight with regard to the price hikes and in the need of some sort of diversion? Why, why & more why(s)? Just another coincidence? Read more of BigDog's ramblings on the same subject here.
And this is what our dear PM has to say about it.
“We are going to implement the reforms. Tak habis-habis dengan cerita ini (The matter seems to be dragging on). I don’t see a reason for another commission,” he told reporters at his office here on Wednesday.
Read Judges boot camp shocker: No Royal Commission, says PM . To Che Det's detractors, don't worry! It's only what Paklah said. He can flipped and he can always later on flopped. He can even flipped back altogether. Hopefully not with regard to this though, read PM: No more petrol price increases this year

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Omong said...

Malaysians who truly love Malaysia should rally around Tun Dr Mahathir right now as he is gaining momentum through his blog.

Those who have skeletons in the closet are on shaky ground ...