Friday, June 27, 2008

You having fun?

It has been fun for everyone this couple of days. Everybody got their fair shares of potshots, jabs, hooks and what not against each other. Ian Chin v Che Det, BN v PR, Nazry Aziz v BBC, SAPP v BN, Mr & Mrs Najib v RPK, songkok v serban, Khalid v Yahya, ketuanan melayu v ketuanan rakyat, MB Kedah v Penang CM, Mustapha Ali v Penang CM, Kelantan MB v Kedah MB, Federal Gov't v Penang State Gov't and many more. It's a free for all!

Yes, it has been fun for everybody. Are you having fun as well? I'm not, sorry to say.

Have they provided us with concrete solutions to our current woes? Solutions, real and practical solutions and not just stop-gap measures. Hearing speeches about billions does not make my problems go away. While they are busy slinging shots at each other, time flies. And we are still at the same place as we were before.

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