Friday, June 13, 2008

Now we know....

  • ....why Paklah is Paklah. You can't afford not to be Paklah when you have Deputy and followers like the above. Yes, like it or not, Paklah will always be Paklah.

  • ...why UMNO will always be UMNO? Because all the above.

What We Don't Know

Therefore what is that we don't know? When is the leadership change going to be? Right, we do not know that. Not to worry! We can afford not to know that as we already "know a lot". Let's recap. What do we know?
We know that:-
  1. UMNO is UMNO, UMNO can't change, at least not while the boss is still the boss.
  2. Najib will never be Razak, Najib is, well, Najib... period!
  3. Paklah is the head of UMNO and will be our PM until God knows when!
Now, isn't that comforting? To know that you are "in the know"!


Jason said...

One more thing lawyer kampung, we know that what flipped will flopped.

Greenlane, Pg.

Lawyer Kampung said...

That's scary, jason. But he can always flip back ever after flip-flopping. God help us!