Saturday, June 07, 2008

Damage Control

Damage control is in motion. Read this, this and this . Read also proposals from none other than KJ himself here. It's good now that the government (& the son in law) is listening.

But the question is this. Why now? Why only after announcing and proceeding with such unpopular moves that the government (& the son in law) now is putting efforts to curtail the damage done? Don't tell me that you have not viewed and anticipated the consequences from all possible angles before announcing and (immediately) implementing such important policies. This is not good. On second thought, it's no drama, right? You flipped, you flopped and later you'll flip back? All purposely done just to look good later on? Don't-lah do this to us...

(Links: Utusan Online, The Malaysian Insider, Berita Harian Online & NST Online)

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Peguam Pencen said...

AAB just sealed his fate. He likes to inflict pain on himself. Poor guy!