Monday, June 16, 2008

"This Pakatan Rakyat thing is not fully formalised...

...and structured yet. Discussions are still on-going."

Those are the words of Penang CM, Lim Guan Eng, read here.

Now, my question is this, why is it still "on-going"? It feels like forever now. It's been like this since the day that the political tsunami hit the nation. It surely makes one wonder why "this Pakatan Rakyat thing" (borrowing the above words of the Penang CM) is not up and about by now.

Is it that hard for parties that believed in total racial integration and the idea of Malaysian Malaysia to come together and reach a consensus at least on the basics of such coalition?

These were the words of DSAI and Haji Hadi then, not mine;

Anwar and Abdul Hadi however were pressed on the significance of PAS wanting to form an Islamic state to which they both replied it was an issue that should not be made contentious anymore.

""It was not mentioned in the PAS manifesto and has not been mentioned for a long time. It is no longer an issue," Anwar said.

That was what being said then.

Therefore, it should not be that hard then to act like a proper coalition when all parties involved have previously pledges to "uphold the rights and interests of all Malaysians, regardless of religion or race, as enshrined in the Constitution". Yes, it should come easy then. That alone should have covered all the basics.

Having said that, why the current brouhaha then between PAS and the concerned state governments?

DSAI sounded so confident that this coalition will be ruling the nation come this September. To hear that the ruling coalition "in-waiting" is yet to be properly formalised and structured is a bit worrying, don't you think?

For now "this pakatan rakyat thing" as a coalition seems to be good only at holding demos and road-shows. It is certainly, for a fact, much easier to organize a full scale demonstration together than running a country. As such, will "this Pakatan Rakyat thing" be ready then to be a "workable" coalition government as what being trumpeted by their de facto leader currently?

Sadly, I have to say, the mentality it seems is still of an opposition rather than the ruling government although the coalition is now ruling five States.

16th September 2008 will come in no time. Are you really up to it, Pakatan Rakyat?


Azman said...

The "pakatan" that is doom from the very beginning. I am not buying it nor should you all.

Insan Cerdik said...

azman, nampak sangat engkau ni tak cerdik