Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a waste of votes!

My wife was telling me that I sounded like an angry man in my postings of late. Not good she said. You'll start losing your perspective. Admittedly I said to her that she may have a point. I have reached a point yesterday that I felt whatever I want to write felt like I have said it before. As if I am repeating the same thing over and over again. I told her it was not angry, angry but more like fed up, fed up with the attitudes of our so called leaders and policy makers, those up there. Not all but some. She said that's not a reason to rant away in my postings. It's not like by showing my anger and getting personal could change things. Some of them are beyond help she said. Well she did have a point. As such, I promised her to tone down a bit. I said to myself, okay from now on, there will be only "happy" ranting in Lawyer Kampung

Just when I thought I can blogged about "happy shiny people" from now on, I then came across this. An elected policy maker of a state who was so tasteless in his conduct, he even made a Head of State to say this out loud, "Ada yang kat sini, yang semalam atau yang hari kelmarin, yang menunjuk-nunjuk jaguh, yang tak mahu pakai senonoh, kalau hendak, ini jam keluar kat sini ". Read Johor Sultan unhappy with DAP's Gwee

And all that is for what? It's so petty, to start with. Just for show? Ostentatiously living up to a (sickening) principle for the benefit of those that has the same line of thinking and ideas? It may be faux pas to others but political scores for me?

That is all I can think in trying my level best to puzzle over why he did what he did. It’s just not justifiable. How for us to justify when the bloke himself (or his gang) can't even apologize to the Sultan for such gaffe. There is none whatsoever to date.

To the said YB and the gang, please take this for an example. Even an American President-to-be knows when to say sorry when it comes to issues of disrespect of one's culture and convention (coincidentally it is also about headgears), read Obama Mohon Maaf Kepada Wanita Bertudung. It's not that petty of an issue after all!

To think that that some may have voted for him as their elected representative. He could, for their sake, at the very least be fully attired, if not debating state's policies, when attending the State Legislative Assembly. Is that so hard to do? Sigh!

Yes, some of us may have voted for him and the gang in the last election.

What a waste of votes!


Bentayan Assemblyman keeps mum on Sultan’s remarks

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