Thursday, June 26, 2008

Che Det's report card (unofficial) is out..

...with regard our Government performance 100 days after GE 2008. As expected, one short sentence is enough for him to describe it, read Dr M: It's a disaster (The Malaysian Insider)

Malaysia is still on the road to perdition, he said.

"This government is in total denial, refusing to listen to what people are telling them. As far as the country is concerned, this government is a total failure" he added. There's no mincing of words either when he sarcastically put that currently (as if) there is no government, everyone is concerned with their own politics.

Che Det agrees with Paklah though in defending the DPM and saying that the current allegation made by RPK in his SD is only a political ploy. However on this issue, am afraid there is disagreement between the two, Dr M says Umno must unite to kick Abdullah out .

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