Friday, June 20, 2008

I have jobs to do...

Excerpts from BERNAMA news report, "I Cannot Be Distracted From My Responsibility, Says Abdullah" (June 19, 2008 22:46 PM)

Abdullah said he had been long in politics and that in politics, such a thing was not new. "I have jobs to do... I cannot be just thinking about all the criticisms levelled against me.
"As politicians, we are used to being criticised but the most important thing is to remain focus on the job and not be distracted or bothered by it," he said after chairing a BN supreme council emergency meeting here

Everybody got jobs to do. And when you got jobs to do, you got to do them well. Have you, paklah?

And what kind of answer was that? "..not to be bothered by it'? How could one not be bothered by it? The 1st time in history of Malaysia, a component party of BN expressing intention to kick you out of office by way of tabling a motion of no confidence in parliament.

Never mind the hurdles for them to do as such, the fact that they have that intention and publicly expressing the same would make any PM in his right mind to be bothered by it. But then again, you are you, one of a kind.

"I cannot be distracted.."? Sigh. Why? Easily distracted? He can't even answer a question posed to him. Can't you just answer "No!" for God sake? See below

When asked whether the political challenge to his leadership could affect the country's economic stability, Abdullah said, "we will have to manage our economy."

Apparently he's more concerned on what the "foreign media" thinks of his leadership. What about Malaysian? Remember us?

What Malaysian? As long as the foreign media is okay with me, I am good to go!

He said at the recent World Economic Forum on East Asia in Kuala Lumpur, several participants, including from the foreign media, had expressed their confidence to his leadership. "They said that they are used to seeing political situations in countries around the world and that Malaysia is stable and the activities are still going on, the economy is going on, the administration is going on... so far so well.

I can go on and on, but for what? He said it, "I have jobs to do... I cannot be just thinking about all the criticisms levelled against me" He does not even want to think! ....Think-lah paklah, please think!


Pak Lang said...

They shud set up Badawi-ism Thinking School. He amazed me all the time. He's brilliant! Yes, one in a million kind. I ho[e he will not step down, never.

Anonymous said...

For me personally, all I have heard from the gov't is what the problem is and a stop gap measure. No offer of a real solution. It is unfair to compare the situation with what Tun M went through in 1998 but what I felt safe in 1998 was that there was a solution. Not a stop gap measure.

I have not seen that in the actions taken by the gov't. All should I say are fire fighting measures.

I have never run a gov't before but there is an opportunity now for change, for reform. Take this opportunity. What change??? Well, for starters, maybe let's go green in full, not half heartedly. It is a solution we need. Do something that we the rakyat can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The gov't is works for the people. All we have heard is the problems and solutions for the gov't. Is there is real solution for the rakyat. That is the big question.