Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The hullabaloo on lipstick & high heels...

..should now end with statement issued by MPKB below. Why so late to clarify the matter? It should have been done when the "guidelines" were issued, not after it has become a national polemic to an extent Kelantan now been equated to "Darul Al Taliban" by some, which I personally do not agree.

No ban on lipstick and high heels

KOTA BARU: The municipal council (MPKB) has clarified that remarks on lipstick and high heel shoes in its circular in May, were meant to spread religious activities.
Its public relations director Azman Mohd Daham said the circular was not a compulsory guideline for Muslim female staff to follow but to encourage them to observe the Islamic dress code.
“Muslim women need not be unduly worried. No action would be taken if they wear thick make-up or high heel shoes,” he told journalists. Read more here

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UMgrads said...

The current issues shows how much understanding between the coalition members of Pakatan Rakyat. Tolerance? Zilt, nil!