Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whither Pakatan? II (PKR: To badawi or not badawi?)

Is PKR about to do a *badawi too?

Read Kepimpinan Khalid Dipersoalkan Penggiat PKR and Menjelang 100 Hari Khalid Sudah Amal Kronisme (Another Brick in the Wall). Read also Pakatan Rakyat is losing the plot (Malaysia Today-The Corridors of Power).

Below are excerpts from the Malaysia Today's article;

The latest controversy involving Yahya Shahri, added to the MIA Port Kelang State Assemblyman, does not augur well for PKR. PKR already has to run twice as fast just to stay in pace with PAS and DAP. Falling behind PAS and DAP certainly does not help PKR one bit.

And why has the Port Kelang State Assemblyman not been taken to task? And why must Yahya resign in protest and instigate his supporters to demonstrate? Yahya should have welcomed the move to suspend him for two months until his name is cleared. This will give an impression that he is not taking things personally and has nothing to hide and that he only has the interest of the party’s image at heart. Now it appears like he only cares about himself and not about the party, like a true ex-Umno person.

Khalid, too, appears to be running around in circles. He makes snap announcements in a popularity exercise and then retracts them later when he discovers that it can’t be done after all due to legislation limitations or contractual obligations. This only strengthens the perception that PKR has absolutely no experience in running governments and that their policies are not thought through carefully before the announcements are made. Are a bunch of amateurs in charge of the Selangor government? We would like to believe not, but it is getting harder and harder to believe that this is not so.

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