Thursday, June 12, 2008

“If I am wrong, okay, they can arrest me,”

“If I am wrong, okay, they can arrest me”. That should be title of the news instead of "Dr M: Arrest me if you have proof" in the Star Online (latest). When you put it like what The Star did, it looks like the old man is challenging the authority.

But that's newspapers, right? They need to sell. They need headlines that sell!

By the way DSAI, for now, does not have any recollection whatsoever pertaining to the so-called "boot camp for judges" back in 1997. Now, from my humble opinion, that's no good for the authority if they want to proceed with investigating and/or prosecuting. That's one potential material witness gone down the drain. For now, that is. Memory can come and go depending on situation. The Star quoted him as follows;

“I remember addressing the Asean Law Conference in 1995 as deputy prime minister but I can’t recall attending any conference involving judges,” he said.

As far as I know there is Judges Conference all this while. It is an annual affair. That's when your hearing/mention gets postponed. "Judge is attending Judges Conference, court will give you next date" the court interpreter will tell the lawyers or the litigants themselves, once a year. Nonetheless here is an excerpt from CJ's speech at the Judges' Conference 2008 in order for us to at least apprehend what the judges do during such conference. From my reading of the CJ's speech, I believe its no "boot camp". An excerpt of the CJ's speech as follows;

Since this is the only conference that I will be chairing, I would like, as far as possible, to concentrate on the administration of justice rather than pure administrative matters. This is a matter of priority at this point of time. I believe that this Conference of the Council of Judges is required by law to be held at least once a year to discuss current legal issues and issues pertaining to the administration of justice rather than the size of the epaulet and the uniform of drivers even though I do not say that they cannot or should not be raised or discussed. The full speech here.


Apparently Former AG is also not happy with the disclosure made. Read BigDog's Former AG Slams Justice Chin if you want to get wider perspective on the above.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lawyer Kampung, FYI, The Star changed the title to the said news, online & printed.

UMgrads said...

MSM will always be MSM. Tun Dr. M will always be Tun Dr. M. Give them hell, Tun!