Friday, July 04, 2008

Bala Oh! Bala...

Lawyer: From the beginning, what Balas has said in the statutory declaration is not the statement of the truth, it is a statement of what was said to him by Razak baginda and by Altantuya. So he is not saying what he heard is the absolute the truth. You must distinguish this two features, I think it is difficult for Bala to answer your question, he just put down what was told to him whether it was true of not that another matter, he doesnt know

That's what the lawyer representing Mr. Bala (the PI) said, inter-alia, during the Q&A session for Anwar's press conference yesterday morning.

Read the full transcript during Q&A session of Anwar's 3rd July '08 Press Statement in Hard-T's
Q&A.. Bala, lawyer, Anwar


Anonymous said...

hahaha, Bala bawa bala kat Bala sendiri.... ka Bala bawa bala kat najib ka???!! hahaha

Conspiracy Theorist said...

bro, I tink bro AnWar went a bit too far & its gonna backfire to him... wat more on d statement dat DSN had carnal sex wth tantuya..its as tho as to say dat DSN pun sama gak blakang main cam dia..heheh..wat can I say..(",)Made In Malaysia..


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