Sunday, July 27, 2008

The jokers are at it, still!

Oh, how I cringe every time I switched on the TV or read the news on Terengganu of late. How could I not? Just look at this, the jokers are still at it!

To make matters worse, they even have the audacity to blame the media for reporting and highlighting their folly. Read Terengganu Leaders Unhappy With Media Reports On Mercedes Issue

Terengganu folks, are these the YBs you intended to vote to be in office in the first place? Are you sure that these are the same people that solicited your votes on March 8th, 2008?

The biggest kahuna over there joined in the fun, just to spice things up and said these last night;

He said the ACA had taken the Proton Perdana cars that were used by the state executive councillors and officers.

“So the executive council members and officers will have to use the Mercedes...the prime minister had also said that (we) can use the Mercedes cars once in a while,” he told reporters at a dinner with state Umno leaders here last night.

Read Terengganu executive councillors to use Mercedes temporarily

Is there no other bigger agenda for Terengganu on the plate other than to satisfy these voracious elected representatives?


So the cars have been detained by ACA. That's why they have been using the mercs (especially those who have been reported by The Star today). Therefore it is justifiable. They don't even have their own private cars to start with, I presumed. No other choice! On that score alone it is okay for them to defy government rulings and simple instruction by the PM and the cabinet.

Ah, look who's talking about their party unity! What effort MercSaid? Read Don't undermine my efforts, says Terengganu MB

Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan indeed!

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