Thursday, July 03, 2008

Enjit-enjit semut...

"Enjit-enjit semut, siapa sakit naik atas..." is a Malaysian traditional game cum nursery rhyme. We used to sing & play along "enjit-enjit semut" back in the days where Statutory Declarations were just Statutory Declarations. Nowadays the game and that rhyme it is hardly heard or played by our kids.

Similar to "enjit-enjit semut", swearing SDs have also become a game, no more that legal instrument it was meant to be. Widely used currently even pertaining to matters currently on trial. Sub-judice is just a word now.

Nowadays Statutory Declarations are necessary tools for politicians, not just the lawyers.

Just like the said game cum rhyme, it can also inflict pain. And just like the rhyme, the game of swearing SDs & counter-SDs could be endless. In the old days, when playing enjit-enjit semut, we will be laughing and we played on, despite the pain, we laughed and we played on.

Just like the old days, in the end we will go back home with hands bruised and sometimes in tears instead of laughter.

Who'll benefited from all this? The Commissioner for Oaths for making RM 4 per SD that they affirmed? I don't think so.

It won't be long now; I foresee a bill to amend the Statutory Declaration Act 1960 will be introduced to the parliament. I can just feel it.


Anonymous said...

Things really getting out of hands. Any Tom, Dick & Harry could swore an SD. No big deal. You don't see people got prosecuted over it, don't you? Despite the law say this and that on making false declarations, you don't see enforcement on the same, do you?

Lawyer Kampung said...

True. Point taken.

But from another angle, striking out other ulterior motives then seeking justice itself, you can't blame them entirely for making such SD. Maybe they felt they can't go anywhere else with that particular piece of information (bearing in mind always, that the truth on the same is yet to be ascertained).

Then again, I'm a bit concerned though due to the fact that SDs is now used as if it is the gospel truth. To make matter worst, the SDs were made with regard to an on-going criminal case. The risk of being in contempt of court should be taken into consideration before making such an SD.

Let's see what the court will say with regard to this new developments.

Anonymous said...

Dia dah retract tuan loyar kampung. Tahu takut juga Magnum PI tuh.

Anonymous said...

Tuan lawyer buleh bikin satu SD sama saya? Saya pun mau jadi famous, mau jadi kaya.