Friday, July 18, 2008

Let's recap! (2)

Continued from Let's Recap!

I kid you not... got the stomach to go on that merry-go-round once again? Not me, had enough already.

Land Of Confusion- Genesis

Seconds, anyone?


The Phoenix Foundation said...

Lawyer Kampung aka LK!
Take a rest from yr favourite roti channai & teh tarik and grant us some thoughts , a la' kampong{which in my world is always good} as to why/how our learned have totally mixed up/do not understand, matters like summoning,s111{CPC},blood sampling,DNA etc.
I really do not see the need for Bala-cavas, IN OUR WEATHER, at 12.45 pm!Is there a medical reason {perhaps fried brains }
Can u spare us further thots/experiences that u have re: the fried brains we have to face every day in Criminal Practice!
CIRCUS, u say!!! LK u are being nice! Its a blooming GONNIE SHOW!
Chiao, LK!

Lawyer Kampung said...

Will do phoenix foundation, as soon as I get back home. On the road currently. Love your blog by the way! Keep it up.