Friday, July 25, 2008

My Rickety PM

Despite the hue & cry of the people, read Malaysiakini's 'This Mercedes nonsense has to stop' our PM has did it again. Again he made the DPM and his fellow cabinet ministers looking rather foolish. Read PM okays Merc for T'ganu govt

How long can one tolerate with this kind of nonsense and infirmness?

Read also Susan Loone's Merce-less Prime Minister .

Congrats Datuk MercSaid! You are no more in trouble I reckoned. One problem solved for the Terengganu state and its people. Another career highlight for the MB's resume. Out of the frying pan and into the fire?


Anonymous said...

Resign-resign sahajalah dolah la ni jugak, tak payahla nak tunggu 2010. Getik aku menengoknya.

Anonymous said...

Contoh yang teramat molek mengenai ciri-ciri kejatuhan sebuah bangsa. Kepimpinan longlai, hak rakyat tergadai.