Thursday, July 10, 2008

That Deadly Tai-Chi Moves!


Didn't I tell you that tai-chi of his is now deadlier than ever? There goes Ku Li, Muhyiddin & Najib (possibly Rais too) with one gentle move! Read Abdullah to hand over power to Najib in mid 2010

At a press conference called at about 6.45pm, the Prime Minister's face was more of relief than sadness; and when asked, he said, "I think I feel more a sense of achievement. I think I have taken an action that is well accepted by many." Read more Malaysia Insider's Pak Lah confirms 2010 quit move

And with another one equally slow move, here comes KJ and friends to the throne.

There was a standing ovation too after the announcement was made apparently. They must have loved those tai-chi moves he made! Paklah has this to say with regard to that,

He believed the Umno divisions accepted his transition plan well because "they gave me a standing ovation." Read more here.

Just for that standing ovation, he already felt that way. That he already got the endorsements from all the UMNO divisions. Can you believe this guy? Is he for real or what?

Read also A Voice's opinion on the issue at hand.


Letting the time pass me by said...

Ini memang betul-betul deadly...

Mungkin banyak pemimpin UMNO akan kena cantas....

Lawyer Kampung said...

Dah kena cantas dah pun bro Hisham. Many more to come? Foreseeable, as many have spoken expressing their concerned pertaining to paklah's leadership in UMNO. Dah kena marked lah pendek kata.

Unless the grassroots of UMNO do something highly unlikely that is to go against the will of their own Supreme Council. But knowing UMNO and it's "sacred tradition", we can consider the matter settled lah for now.

Anonymous said...

Najib terharu tu. Lembiklah dia ni.

Anonymous said...

Hebat taichi ko tu dolah. Betul kata lawyerkampng ni. Aku rasa sampai 2020 ko jadi PM lagi. Eloklah time tu kairy pun dah matured boleh take over trus.