Monday, July 14, 2008

While I was having my roti canai...

I was in the good company of KJ this morning. Not in real time though. He was on TV1 "Live from Parliament" show this morning while I was having my roti canai in one of favourite roti canai joint here in Penang. The guy was on form! I got to give that to him. He was articulate and "straight to the point".

No, no, please don't label me as "KJ fan" just yet. Have mercy! Please, read on.

When asked about what he thinks of the grouses still heard despite his Pa-in-law already agreed to hand over succession of the throne to Najib in 2010 (mid), there was a short answer coming from him. I guess he was being careful not to step on anyone's foot, not to make it sound like the "directives" coming from him last time around.

KJ said those still showing dissatisfaction although the PM already agreed to hand over power is those who will "lose out" when Pa-in-law step down and Najib takes over. These people he said are the one with personal agenda which they won't be able to fulfill in the event of succession of power becomes reality.

I would like to ask, who are these people actually (that will "lose out" eventually when transfer of leadership takes place)?

Is it those UMNO grassroot who wants Najib or Ku Li (or whoever except Pa-in-law) to become their new President now or latest come December 2008 and not somewhere in June 2010? Or is it, the people of Malaysia, like you, who wanted fresh face leading the government now or latest come December 2008 and certainly not somewhere in June 2010?

Who will actually "lose out" when the transfer of power between Pa-in-law and Najib takes place?


Anonymous said...

Khairy Jamaludin, SHUT UP will you!

Anonymous said...

Kira oklah tu lawyerkampung, dia dah bunyi garang dah sangat.

KJ said...

Hidup KJ! KJ for PM June 2010.