Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Father & Son

While the father spoke of "Bangsa Malaysia", the object of SINGLE entity called bangsa Malaysia in accord with government's vision 2020, on integration and how he is worried that the Prime Minister has forgotten his pledge to be the PM for all and not only for certain race,

(an excerpt from LKS's blog)

But Malaysian nation-building has gone backwards and the Vision 2020 objective of a “Bangsa Malaysia” is increasingly frowned upon as a misplaced target.

Has he forgotten another of his pledges to be the Prime Minister of all Malaysians and not just for any race?

...what's going on with his son? Is he on other hand venturing into promoting geographical segregation and demarcation of boundaries according to ethnicity?

He was reported to say as follows;

He said multilingual signs would be used according to the historical, cultural and ethnic background of people in specific areas.

For example, areas with a Malay background would see the inclusion of Arabic, Tamil would feature in Little India and Chinese in Chinese areas.

What's up dudes?

Can't make up your mind?

P/S: There's only Penang-lah! No area-area one...


Anonymous said...

This is what DAP is all about.Belakang lain cakap, depan lain cakap. Talk co*k only!

UMgrads said...

No need to politicise this maa. Nothing what, just like "penang airport announcement only" maa. Malaysia boleh, Penang boleh!

Lawyer Kampung said...

umgrads, what a lame excuse, ;-) never thought something like that would came out from the Penang CM. It is okay if the excuse came from his counterpart in Terengganu, the nitwit who is so hard-up for a merc that he's willing to fight tooth & nail for the same.

Land of confusion, truly Malaysia!

UMgrads said...

Hahaha, now Ahmad Said has a friend among his foe. Who said it;s between PAS & UMNO huh? It's DAP-UMNO, good for them! You said it LK, lame excuses are in currently. Many thanks to the supremo Dollah Badawi! Kepimpinan melalui tauladan.

Anonymous said...

Loyarkapong, maghi kelik kelate weh, buat gapo duduk penang kalu mace tuh. Kelate ame sentoso sokmo