Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shot in the foot, again & again!

Anwar is quick on his feet, not like someone we all know too well, the one with tendency to shoot himself in the foot again and again in no matter what he do. Just look what he got himself into today? Loads of explanations to give to other component parties in BN for his secret rendezvous with PAS. And all that for what? To top that up, now he got Anwar Ibrahim and a by-election in Permatang Pauh to deal with.

What do I think about the by-election? My hats off to Anwar, really. He is a maverick and one shrewd politician. With that, the decision made by the missus & him, it is now:-
  • highly unlike any action will be taken against him during this time with regard to the on-going criminal investigation. Any action against a potential by-election candidate of his magnitude and stature, especially now, will not augur well in the eyes of the international community, especially in the eyes of the world police, the great US of A (another soap opera in the making?);
  • near impossible that he will lose in the by-election. After all Permatang Pauh to him is what Kepala Batas is to Paklah. And he by playing safe this time is actually playing smart. Ezam will be fried, before he knows it, if he wants to take on Anwar mano-a-mano in Permatang Pauh. What's that? Pirdaus, who?;
  • most probable that Paklah will start to sleep less from now on due to constant nightmares of Anwar's return to Putrajaya (unless of course that was the plan all the while);
  • officially confirmed that there will be no UMNOPAS, PASUMNO or what not. What muqabalah when both parties are about to go into "battle royale" in Permatang Pauh? Salute to PAS (Majlis Syura triumphed over the President, UMNO should take lessons from PAS). UMNO have just been Punk'd.
Paklah might as well give Anwar a walk-over. Save that money-lah!


kapcai said...

Saya sokong, saya sokong sangat2, buat apa UMNO nak perabih duit, dah sure kalah teruk.

Anonymous said...

Jangan pandang enteng kepada BN. Belum tentu lagi, Brazil pun boleh kalah World Cup!

Lawyer Kampung said...

Actually, in the case of Permatang Pauh per se, UMNO got nothing to lose. In fact they can still gloat if they can reduced the majority that Datuk Seri Dr Azizah garnered during the last election.