Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's recap!

Let us recap. How did it all start and how far we have come since then?
  • RPK arrested and charged
  • Parliament became a circus
  • RPK released on bail and awaits trial
  • RPK made his SD
  • Saiful came out of the woodwork
  • Anwar went into hiding (Turkish embassy)
  • Saiful went to the hospital, gave DNA
  • Saiful went into hiding
  • Bala affirmed 1st SD
  • Najib denied allegations made by Bala's 1st SD
  • Bala affirmed 2nd SD, retracted 1st SD
  • Bala went into hiding
  • Saiful challenged Anwar to Muhabalah
  • Saiful went to see the police, complete his reports
  • Anwar challenged saiful's report with Qazaf
  • Anwar debated with Shabery
  • Anwar met the Balaclavas
  • Parliament became a circus
  • Anwar went to the hospital, refused to give his DNA
  • Anwar released on police bail
  • Anwar's back at home
  • RPK arrested and charged
We have come full circle, wow! ..and look at the pattern...

Anyway, all these, it reminded me of someone. Where's the PM? We may need his wisdom...


Anonymous said...

What a scenario now that you have put it that way. I can imagine this turning into a 3 hour bolloywood movie..perhaps with sequels if the storyline gets longer.
While this drama is going on, who is taking care of the country while the primier is busy sleeping and his cronies looting the rakyat's money?

Andrew said...

There is no conspiracy said the bald head minister and yah, a show just for all and sundry of the world to see lah ! Malaysia truly Asia mah. We have freedom to speech and that's why We (govt) allowed controlled demostrations and note that after the speech,....ha!ha!ha! we (govt) takes away your freedom.

If you (govt) doesn't know how to manage this country, just step aside lah. There are many good people around that can turnaround this nation in this very trying time before it spiral into the bottomless pit.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Andrew & anonymous 1.27pm, thanks for the comments. I am merely stating the obvious, as I see it. Again, where is paklah?

KN36 said...

thanks for building the chronology of events - i somehow missed the plot along the way, helped me back on track.

it is deja-vu all over again ain't it?

Lawyer Kampung said...

kn36, only in Malaysia bro, only in Malaysia. ;-)

Letting the time pass me by said...

Well... This country has become like zombie country.... no soul..