Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Belligerent MB

Combative as ever the Terengganu MB stood his ground. "Pugnacious" is one of the two words for me to sum up this fellow. The other one is "nitwit". Regardless of what have been said, he would not resign to the fact that such purchases were wasteful and not in accordance with the prescribed government rules & regulations.

Over lunch today when asked by one of my client about this issue, I was at loss for words. What is there for me to say? Despite being reprimanded by the cabinet, he's just not buying it. He retaliated with flimsy reasons together with unsubstantiated, uncorroborated and caustic examples and justifications, one after the other (the last being his predecessor's perdana v6's maintenance billings). Finally yesterday, as his latest salvo against the cabinet, he came out with his version of interpretation of a particular Treasury Circular.

He is one superhero indeed! Don't be surprised if he comes back after all this with Paklah's or Najib's car services bills and costings!

And that also goes to show how much control the Head Honcho of Malaysian government has currently and the level of respect that he commands. Despite all this, he is still impervious to pleas and signals by the rakyat and adamant as ever to give it a go as the PM for another 2 years.

I wonder why a Terengganu Exco Meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur's Le Meridien. Another cost-cutting measures by the state government, perhaps?

Nonetheless, it must be an awesome sight! A convoy of 14 brand new mercs coming all the way from KT to KL. Bila lagi mau try kereta baru! And the destination? The posh Le Meridien KL-lah to complement it all. Ada class-lah!

Anyway, how was the merc? Was the ride comfy and did you feel safe and secured enough , Datuk "MercSaid"?

It must be, after all it's a Merc, not some lousy Perdana V6!


KN36 said...

oh come on mr lawyer you very well know what to say to your client! lawyers mincing their words? that's new.

the last time i came across a moron who comes close to almost being as big was when one blessed MP made a caustic (there's that word again!) remark about women being leaky faucets. i wonder how'd he feel a couple of years down the road & he's wearing adult diapers to manage his pissing problems.

but back to basics again. 50 grand to maintain a car? that would have turned it into a flying machine. give me 50k & a perdana V6 i'll show you what can be done.

and speaking or le-meridien, i just happened to be in the vicinity last night. well, hilton is close enough. i think these excos are all awed by the aura of it all - nice, smiling hostesses at the zeta bar, the smell of montecristo #3 wafting in the air accompanied by a pianist softly hitting the ivory keys of a grand piano in the background. i sure was :-)

that, my friend + 14 gleaming benzes by the valet parking is the shiznits. i'd consider myself to have made it in life were i 1 of the 14. such joy, such vigor, such...whatever else.

bodoh doesn't even come close to begin describing these idiots. people of terengganu, i share your sorrow.

Anonymous said...

Undi UMNO bahagian & cawangan tengah hebat di T'ganu, siap ada 2 kem lagi pro-deris & pro-mat said. Mesti lah kena sebut sikit2 nama yang satu lagi tu.Mau kasi orang ingat sikit. Politik!

UMgrads said...

Desperado. Another one for him, LK. Trying hard to justify his action with whatever means he can. Just google for his video on youtube, see how he debated (cursing more like it) in the state assembly. You'll know what kind of a person this guy is. Poor people of Terengganu, my condolences to all of you for having him as your chief minister. God bless and good luck!

Razamith said...

I went to Kemaman several months ago. Coincidently, there were some celebrations with carnival atmosphere in the Kemaman's dataran with huge fireworks and stuff. I asked the local there what's the occasion about. They said to celebrate MB Dato' Ahmad Said visit to Kemaman. My God.. can you just do cutting ribbon to celebrate a visit. That shows how lavish this guy is on spending people's money.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Lead by example, that's what it was razasmith.. right there in Kemaman as what you've seen.