Monday, July 07, 2008

The Rally On Sunday-Questions

LKS's quasi approval of Che Det's administration?

"Last time too, there was corruption but at least things got done. But now there is still corruption but the difference is that things do not get done," he said.

Security/life-threatening issue, drama or the poor fella got whacked for nothing?

At the end of the event, a man who tried to climb on stage when Anwar was delivering his speech was cornered and beaten up by supporters.

The man was said to have shouted out Anwar's name before attempting to get close to the leader who was on his way out.

Anwar Ibrahim, the saviour? Paklah/Najib, ada berani?

"They don't know how to bring down the prices. I am prepared to take on the Prime Minister and the deputy Prime Minister and even the whole cabinet to debate the matter live on television,"
By the way, it was a peaceful sunday after all, reports here .Thank God!


Caffeine Addict said...

The 2 jokers in Putrajaya don't have the balls to go 2 against 1 with anwar ibrahim. They will cook up all sorts of excuses.

Anonymous said...

Memang betui...

Dia dua orang mana ada telur....

Anonymous said...

If PM or DPM accepts, I'm sure it would be good for the rakyat. I mean it is time we see whether our PM really knows what he is talking about or it is all still from the 4th Floor.

Let's wait and see.

KN36 said...

really ha? and at what price all this public mudslinging may i ask?

but then you very well know the answer my dear lawyer kampung. i'm merely stating the obvious.