Sunday, July 06, 2008

Where is the PM? (2)

RPK is back online...

An excerpt from his latest entry in The Corridors of Power;

I might not like Abdullah but I must certainly admire his skills. He looks stupid, he talks stupid, he acts stupid, but a man who can make you think he is stupid is actually cleverer than you.

Yes, it looks like Abdullah will still be Umno President and Prime Minister of Malaysia come Christmas. I would not have said this three weeks ago but today I say this with confidence. And while Najib and Anwar finish each other off, Abdullah is giggling in the background and choosing the Christmas tree that he will erect in Putrajaya come December.

Well done, Pak Lah. Brilliant moves. Now let’s see how Najib and Anwar extricate themselves from the mess they are currently in..

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Another worthwhile reading on this lazy Sunday afternoon;

Pasti sesuatu yang kita perlu akui adalah orang tua jangan dipandang kecil. Walaupun tidak kuat dan cergas macam orang muda, mereka punya pengalaman, kebolehan dan kebijaksanaan untuk melakukan sesuatu yang mana orang muda tidak boleh. Hormati orang tua.

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PakLeh said...

Semalam hari Sabtu, half-day, hari ni hari Ahad, holiday.. esok monday, lusa tuesday.. semua holiday.. tulat buleh laa.. come December aku still master of the day! Hahahaha