Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The masked men....

This is what the CID Chief (click, to read what zulkilfli nordin blogged) has to say about the arrest. Read CID chief: Police acted in accordance to guidelines . I feel safe already!

An excerpt of the above Malaysian Insiders news report;

"To ensure that a successful action would be taken by PDRM (the Royal Malaysian Police Force), PDRM required an organised and perfect plan,"

"PDRM had taken into consideration the security angle of the operation that was conducted, whether it be the security of the police officers carrying out their duties, or the individual who was acted upon."

"Security is the most important thing in an operation. PDRM has rules in performing duties and responsibilities placed upon the police. This action was done according to the existing guidelines," Bakri said.

Alright, the police are only doing their job. We understand that. Procedure wise, I do not want to comment. I don't have the warrant of arrest with me and I was not there at the place where the arrest was made. Let's Anwar's lawyers deal with that. We are clear on that.

Why arrest Anwar? We are all aware of that too. Satu Malaya sudah tahu! We understand that there was a report and he must be investigated and if there is enough evidence, to be charged in the court of law and to be tried like anybody else. No one is above the law.

But, why the intimidation and high-handedness? Why the men in masked? And to the deputy minister concerned, there actually is a difference between 20 to 50 minutes time, especially so when there was a dateline given and there was an agreement of sort between the parties involved. Time is always an essence in matter of law. Don't just assume.

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Anonymous said...

Polis hanya jalankan tugas. Mereka pun tahu takut juga. Mungkin ada sumber risikan mereka yang beritahu bahawa adalah sangat merbahaya kalau datang sorang-dua untuk menangkap si Anwar ni? Tengok apa jadi masa tunjuk perasan kat stadium cukuplah. Habis semua kena tibai kalau pengawal-pengawal peribadi si anwar ni kalau buat silap sikit. Silap-silap tak silap pun kena tibai juga.